Mobile broadband expense to possibly rise?

Mobile operators could soon be forced to increase their prices, according to one industry figure.

Broadband Genie website editor, Chris Marling, has drawn attention to the loss of voice revenues being experienced by providers.

This, coupled with the outlay which must be made on the construction and maintenance of 3G broadband networks, means that customers could ultimately foot the bill, Mr Marling suggested.

He said: ‘UK broadband providers are no mugs; prices are currently low as companies fight for numbers in a growing market, but they realise the situation isn’t sustainable and will be looking to change packages and turn a profit in the near future.

‘Raising prices for heavy users, who are typically early adopters to new technology, makes financial sense.’

The release from Broadband Genie highlighted the findings of two reports, from Omnitele and Strand Consult, which demonstrated the high cost of providing mobile broadband services.


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