Nokia puts the brakes on sales of 5800 XPress Music in the U.S

Nokia has halted sales of its 5800 XPress Music phone in the United States, only a few days after the phone first went on sale in the company’s flagship store.

The launch of the North American version of the phone has had many problems. Nokia representatives in the company’s flagship store in New York said last Thursday that they were having trouble with their inventory system and hoped to get the problem resolved and start selling the phone by the end of the day. The phone went on sale on Friday and users immediately complained that the device could not connect to a 3G HSDPA network. The New York store has since halted sales of the phone again.

Additionally, the first set of phones manufactured for the U.S. market were apparently made with faulty speakers that failed to protect them properly from moisture damage. Nokia confirmed in a letter to that it has changed suppliers for the earpiece and that all faulty earpieces have been replaced.


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