LG GD330, GB125: Price Set and Release Date

It has not been that long since MWC and consumers are still on the hunt for new phones, Well LG have a couple of new handsets to offer us, the GD330 and GB125. LG have not given too much away yet, but we do have a little bit of information for you.

The LG GD330 is a slider phone and has the same look as the LG Secret; the cell phone has a 2.2-inch screen and a 2-megapixel camera. The handset also comes with an FM radio as well as a pair of touch keys. The LG GD330 is due for release on March 25.

The LG GB125 is released on the same day as the GD330, and is classed as an entry-level clamshell phone. Features include a 1.5-inch screen as well as an FM radio. Although this information is limited at this stage, we do know that it is a very basic phone.

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