Phone Company Stocks That Should Double

This week 24/7 Wall St. is picking several stocks in major equity categories that are likely to double off of their lows. The time frame is by the end of 2010, which is meant to coincide with some form of economic recovery next year. This is not based on a sharp turn up in the economy. A number of the credit and financial issues facing the markets will be in place for the near-term or longer. The other assumption used for chosing the stock prices is a market bottom of 600 on the S&P 500 Index.

These are the five stocks from the tech sector.

Qualcomm (QCOM) stands to benefit as much as any other company in the world as 3G wireless networks continue to expand. The firm earns a royalty on almost all 3G handset sales. Brokerage firm Hilliard Lyons recently said that it expects 3G phones will be 70% of all salesin the market by 2012, up from the current level of 40%. Qualcomm has huge operating margins and over $6 billion in cash and short-term investments. Most of its intellectual property legal problems appear to have been or are on their way to being settled. Most forecasts show handset sales picking up in 2010.

Apple (AAPL) has fallen sharply as analysts revise downward their earnings for the year. Most have cut estimates for Mac, iPhone, and iPod sales. Expectations for the next two quarters are low. Apple will continue to pick up market share in the handset and computer sectors, offsetting most of the effects of the overall softness in those industries. The Apple iPhone App store currently has 15,000 applications and over half a billion downloads. A large number of software programmers are using the iPhone as their platform of choice. Apple sales will be better than expected.

Nokia (NOK) shares have dropped over 70% in the last year even though it still has close to 40% of the global handset market. This year is expected to be the first year in recent memory when cellphone sales are down. As demand recovers, especially in emerging markets, Nokia’s revenue should begin to a healthy move up. The company is building software and multimedia applications to make its products more attractive for uses beyond basic voice applications. Nokia has a strong balance sheet and continues to generate substantial cash each year.


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