Nokia Aeon Next Week

According to the latest news on the web, we might be able to see the Nokia Aeon concept phone become reality as soon as next week. At least this is what the Dutch free newspaper De Pers states, and so does the online retailer, which is supposed to have the handset exclusively in the very near future.

The news does not seem to be more than a rumor, given the fact that the Finnish mobile phone maker hasn’t yet unveiled any of its devices in a similar manner, namely giving it to a secondary retailer on a secondary market – and with no announcements made prior to the release – so the Aeon might not come next week after all.

At the same time, considering the possibility that the phone maker indeed worked on delivering Aeon to the market, the design of the device was also expected to be different from what the newspaper published. Yet, the photo shows a “real product” that resembles the concept drawing too much. Even more, the same image has been previously spotted around the Internet, which would also suggest that the handset won’t come to the market next week.

For what it’s worth, the Nokia Aeon is expected to come around sporting an OLED touchscreen display, along with a 12.1-megapixel photo snapper, as well as GPS capabilities and HSDPA connectivity. The device is said to be only 9mm thick.

The announcement that the Nokia Aeon will come as soon as next week is believed to be based on two different reasons. On the one hand, the Dutch retailer might try to put its site in the spotlight a little bit, so that it attracts more interest. On the other hand, this might be nothing more than a prank.



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