Nokia Classic 6700 Review

If there is a style of mobile phone Nokia excels at, it’s the simple candybar. The traditional screen at the top and alphanumeric keypad below may, at first glance, seem like the easy design option, however it’s often one of the most challenging; as to make it desirable, patience and talent is required. The award-winning 6300, especially in its silver and black colour scheme, was just such a mobile and now it’s being replaced with the equally special 6700.

Overview of the Nokia 6700
The shape is an evolution of the 6300 and it has retained the silver/black livery, but this time covering a more curvy, ergonomic-looking case. The rear of the phone is stainless steel, giving the 6700 a weighty, solid feel in your palm, however at 116 grams it’s not too heavy to be uncomfortable in your pocket. This is also reflected in its overall dimensions, 109×45, with a very slim 11mm thickness. Returning to the build, we love the polished look of the keypad, the expensive feel and overall build quality of the 6700, something which belies its competitive pricing.

A Deeper Look inside the Nokia 6700
All this talk of a pretty face may give you the impression the 6700 has nothing else to offer, however this is far from the truth, as aside from a series of excellent main features, the phone also has one or two surprises inside. On the sleek, uncluttered rear panel is the lens for the 5 megapixel camera complete with an LED flash, autofocus and VGA video shooting capability, while along the side you’ll find only the camera shortcut key and volume rocker. The MicroSD card slot is hidden underneath the battery so no hot-swapping, but it does make for a cleaner look. The 6700 is a 3G device with HSDPA support and A2DP Bluetooth, plus Assisted GPS with Nokia Maps pre-installed on the included MicroSD card.

The phone uses S40 6th Edition and therefore you have the excellent music player and a decent HTML browser, plus the familiar Nokia icons and layout. Using the phone is a pleasure, with the keys being easy to press, despite being mounted on a single surface, and the soft keys falling to thumb comfortably. In the centre of the handset is the D-pad for navigation purposes, plus it houses an alert LED to signal a new SMS or missed call. Finally, just like on the top range Arte series handsets, a tap of the 6700 mutes an incoming call.

Smart Software
The 6700 has two features which will be working away without you noticing, but all the while improving your mobile experience. The first is CABC, Content Adaptive Brightness Control, which uses sensors for determining the amount of ambient light around you, then by checking to see what application you’re using, adjusting the screen brightness and contrast accordingly – for example a game would be brighter and more powerful than reading an SMS – putting less strain on the battery and improving its standby time. Nokia have also introduced UNC – Uplink Noise Cancellation – to improve even further the call quality on the 6700. It does this by monitoring two microphones, one for the voice and another for surrounding environmental sound, to create the clearest possible call.

Summary of the Nokia 6700
The Nokia 6700 has few challengers on the market, with perhaps only the Sony Ericsson C510 and Samsung U800 coming close in the candybar looks department, although the both lose points for having fewer megapixel cameras and no GPS. Alternatively, if the 6700 is a little too understated, then the Samsung Armani M7500 Night Effect should satisfy. As is clear, we love the Nokia 6700 and consider it a worthy successor to the brilliant 6300. With its comprehensive feature list and almost ridiculously low price, we know it’s going to find its way on to a lot of shopping lists!



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