Hottest New Phones Vegas-bound for CTIA

The biggest wireless convention in the U.S. is set to kick off next Wednesday in Sin City and we’ll be there, covering all the latest and greatest new handsets.

Phones—lots of phones
Naturally, we’re expecting a potpourri of hot new handsets for the U.S. market—some of which we’ve already seen, but can’t discuss quite yet. Among the hot rumors: Chatter about the HTC Magic, an Android-powered handset that just might be the follow-up to the T-Mobile G1 (check out the review here). There’s also buzz surrounding another HTC phone—the Windows Mobile-powered Maple, a (rumored) update to the old Dash for T-Mobile.

Skype and iPhone, sitting in a tree?
Another hot rumor is that Skype will, at long last, cough up a VoIP app for the iPhone—good for making voice calls over Wi-Fi. Plenty of VoIP apps (some with Skype support) already exist for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but an official Skype app would be big news, indeed—and Skype just so happens to have a press conference slated for Tuesday, the day before CTIA begins.

BlackBerry app store and video service?
Word is that the official, long-awaited BlackBerry app store (never mind that BlackBerry apps have been available online for eons now) is set for April 1, the first day of CTIA. Also, there’s talk of a new BlackBerry video service that’ll let you download full TV episodes over Wi-Fi—although again, that’s still just a rumor for now.

Accessories galore
Take a look at the CTIA show floor and you’ll find countless Bluetooth headsets, handset cases, screen protectors, you name it. Plenty of pico projectors—tiny enough to fit in a phone—will be on hand, as well as signal repeaters and even mobile video headsets.

More wireless services and apps than you could shake a stick at
Mobile TV, wireless infrastructure improvements, the latest B2B (business-to-business) and D2C (direct-to-consumer) “solutions” … they’re all jockeying for position at CTIA. Honing in on some of the more interesting services, like office suites for the iPhone (finally), mobile video (always cool, at least for me), the latest cell phone games, and more.



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