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With a history dating back to the public release of version 2.0 in 1996 (1994 saw the start of development, back before there was an Internet Explorer), today’s web browser is one which you may have heard of, though you’ve probably never used it on your computer. With less than a 1% penetration of the market, Opera would seem to be a non-entity and hardly worthy of mention, yet for many reasons this is far from the truth. This is because Opera may have the best features you’ll ever use, even if you never install it.

As the first PC browser to integrate tabbed-browsing (in 2000), mouse gestures (in 2001), bit torrent and widgets (in 2006) and speed dial (in 2007) the software has had a big influence on every other browser in existence. In fact, just looking at the features timeline is impressive and a good way to spend a few minutes of your day since you’ll come across some things which will undoubtedly make their way into all the other browsers eventually. While the massive “browser wars” resulting in lawsuits were centered on English-speaking markets served to draw a lot of attention to the participants (such as yesterday’s download), Opera has done historically quite well in many other regions, such as Eastern Europe.

Opera’s major drawback has consistently been the difficulties the browser has had with certain web sites not working on it. While web standards are there to be adhered to, Opera’s position as one of the most stringent browsers available has hurt it when faced with improper coding on some major sites. While other major browsers’ less-picky engines muddle through and deal with faulty web code, Opera has often failed, making it less appealing. After all, who wants a browser that can’t access a web page? Despite this Opera is the browser of choice for Nintendo’s Wii and DS platforms as the Japanese company felt that Opera was the only clear choice for their console and portable game player. In addition, Opera is installed and used on millions of handheld devices such as smartphones, PDAs and mobile phones, making it the leading mobile browser.

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The Number 1 Homepage Download into 3G Mobile/Cell Phones


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