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Think mobile email and you almost certainly think BlackBerry. You may also think “expensive” and “not many phones to choose from”. Nokia would like you to stop thinking about mobile email and just start doing it – on any of a dozen Nokia handsets – and for free.

Nokia Messaging is a new service from the Finnish phone supremo that lets you send and receive messages on your mobile through just about any email service. This includes your company’s own Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes Traveller email servers, external hosted email solutions, web-based services such as Google and Windows Live Hotmail and ISPs including BigPond, OptusNet, iiNet and Internode.

Most impressive of all is that this is “push email”. New messages sent to your email address are immediately dispatched to your mobile and are also compressed in order to consume less data and travel faster over the airwaves.

“There are some push email solutions which require extra software and a separate server,” says the general manager for Nokia Australia, Emile Baak. “Most of the time you need to subscribe to these services and they’re quite expensive.”

Nokia Messaging is now being built into all new Nokia E-series handsets as well as many N-series models. The first of these is the just-launched E75 smartphone, which is unique in its inclusion of both a conventional numeric keypad as well as a slide-out qwerty keyboard. Buyers of the E75 will receive two years of free access to the Nokia Messaging service.

It’s expected that Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3 will include the phone’s mobile email in customers’ monthly call plans, although you’ll still want a data allocation for tasks such as browsing the web and using Google Maps.

The Nokia Messaging software can also be downloaded from onto most current E-series and N-series phones as well as the popular 6210 Navigator and 6220 Classic models.

The service will be free to owners of those Nokia phones until its official launch in July, after which there is expected to be a small monthly or annual charge.

Baak says Nokia’s mission is to “mobilise” the world’s inboxes. “We’ve seen the uptake in mobile voice communications and SMS messaging; we think that email is the next revolution. Our goal is to make sending email from your mobile phone just as normal as sending an SMS,” he says.

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