Choose The Nokia Lumia 920 Over The iPhone 5..Here’s Why

Nokia are due to launch their Lumia 920 smartphone shortly, here are some of the reasons you should choose Nokia’s smartphone over Apple’s iPhone 5.

Firstly, the Nokia Lumia 920 supports wireless charging which we hope is a real sign of things to come. A number of accessories are available which enable you to charge your smartphone without having to physically plug it in.

Another reason to get the Lumia 920 over the iPhone 5 is the stunning 8.7 mega-pixel Pureview Camera featured on Nokia’s smartphone. The Pureview camera, which has Carl Zeiss optics, uses floating-lens technology which lets in 5-10 times more light than other smartphones. This ensures your photos are always clear, crisp and bright.

Thirdly, the Nokia Lumia 920 features a super-sensitive Puremotion HD display which you can use even when wearing gloves. This’ll be a huge advantage on cold winter mornings and is something that’s not possible on the iPhone 5.

Those who love vibrant smartphones have little choice but to go with Nokia’s Lumia range as documented by a recent advert criticising Apple’s iPhone , which is only available in White or Black. When the Nokia Lumia 920 launches it’ll be available in a choice of Yellow,  Red , White, Black and Grey.

There’s very little else to choose between both smartphones because they both have an amazing touch-screen display, more than enough power and a great operating system. Both will also support 4G LTE.

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