Windows Phone shipments soar by 133%

Windows Phone shipments soar by 133%.

Microsoft and Nokia are on a roll with Windows Phone. New research figures show that shipments of phones using the Windows Phone Operating System rose 133% in the 12 months from January 2012. This resulted in Windows Phone moving up a position above Blackberry in the IDC performance table seen above.

Windows Phone is now only less popular than Android and Apple’s iOS . As a result, market share has now shifted with Android claiming a year over year change of +79.5%, Apple’s iOS +6.6%, Windows Phone +133% whilst BlackBerry fell by -35.1%.

IDC stated in its research findings about the improved shipments of Windows Phone devices “Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year gain among the leading operating systems, more than doubling its size from a year ago. Nokia was largely responsible for driving these volumes higher, accounting for 79.0% of all Windows Phone shipments during the quarter”.

3G can only see the fortunes of Microsoft and Nokia’s Windows Phone OS moving onwards and upwards and we note that the above shipments for Windows Phone do not include other shipments made by Nokia for the Nokia Asha series of smartphones ( Series 40 OS ) and Symbian based smartphones.

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